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Mulch Maker is a waste timber recieving station where the public can dispose of their waste timber such as; old fence pailings, decking & pallets, these materials are then stock piled and ground down to make a ranged of Recycled Timber Mulch products.
We do this to reduce the amount of usable timber that goes into land fill, and to create a product that enables the public to put back into their work or home environment.

Recycled timber product range

The Recycled Timber Mulch is used in numerious Mulch Maker products, such as:
Recycled Timber Mulch - A raw recycled timber mulch with particle sizes varying from fines to 80mm. This product is predominantly used for commercial and government projects, as well as building sites in the winter months to enable work to continue on muddy sites.

BK20 Recycled Timber Mulch - Is a raw recycled timber that has been ground to an average particle size of 20mm - 40mm. This Product has been used for the freeways, bio filters, septic systems and large commercial jobs around Victoria. The BK20 Recycled Timber Mulch is a hard wearing product that has a long life span due to the particle size as well being a mixture of pine and hard woods, and works well on sloped areas and embankments.

Longalife Coloured Range

LongaLife Coloured Mulches - We use the Recycled Timber Mulch range within the Longalife Coloured Mulch range as we found that the oxide sticks to aged woods rather then fresh woods.
The colour of the Longalife Coloured Mulches generally lasts for two to two and a half years depending on the direct sunlight.
Mulch Maker stock the Midnight Black, BK20 Black, Sunset Red, BK20 Red and Terracotta Chips

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